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We specialize in strategy creation and execution, AI utilization, end-to-end supply chain optimization, process improvement / cost reduction, ERP system selection and implementation, M&A diligence and business integration.
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Who We Are
We advise, strategize and execute; following the people, process and technology hierarchy.
We believe that the best outcomes grow from a thorough understanding of current state capabilities and future state business requirements. We lean towards simplicity; leveraging technology when the value add is measurably greater than the overhead expense it creates.

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M&A IT Diligence.
2. How and Where Will You Use AI?
M&A Operations Diligence.
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Operations Due Diligence.
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Organization Change Management.
5. Business Integration Failure Point No. 5
Inadequate Project Resources.
How and Where Will You Use AI?
Customer Service and Support.
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