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How and Where Will You Use AI?
New Hire Training.
A young black man with a young black woman both of whom are recent college graduates

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming a valuable tool to fast track the requisite training and experience necessary for college graduates and similar, low experience hires. In leveraging AI technology, organizations can immediately get new hires get up to speed more quickly and have them performing at levels well above their experience-based thresholds. Following are ten examples of how AI can support new hire training:

Adaptive learning: With AI, training can be efficiently personalized to the trainee and the specific task at hand. Pace and content of training can also be tuned to match individual learning styles and speed.

Gamification: AI can incorporate game elements into training materials and interfaces, making the process more engaging, motivating and aligned with the tastes of today’s new hires.

Virtual reality: AI can be leveraged to provide immersive training simulations allowing new hires to practice real-world scenarios in a safe and controlled environment.

Natural language processing (NLP): Through its NLP interface, AI is able to take in and analyze new hire feedback providing managers with insights into areas where additional support or guidance is needed.

Data analysis: AI is able to new hire performance data identifying their areas of strength and weakness and, providing trainers the insight necessary to make on-the-fly adjustments to training tools and scenarios.

Personalization: AI is fluid enough to provide personalized training recommendations and content based interests, learning styles and specific engagement requirements.

Feedback analysis: AI take in new hire feedback analyze it and almost instantly return insights into the effectiveness of the training program, gaps / areas of weakness and then provide suggestions to trainers and content developers with respect to necessary adjustments.

Mobile learning: AI being fully mobile, can deliver training content and resources to new hires via their mobile devices, laptop computers, conference room monitors, etc. making it more accessible and facilitating engagement with the material.

Collaborative learning: AI via all of the above attributes facilitates collaborative learning amongst groups of new hires and experienced staff alike, allowing new hires facilitating collaborative project and assignment execution while also building skills, knowledge and team cohesiveness.

In short, AI for those who know how to leverage its capabilities, is already rewriting new hire training by providing personalized, engaging, and effective learning experiences. In embracing AI supported technologies, organizations can get much more immediate value from their new hires while at the same time assisting them to succeed and thrive in their roles and, in the end, setting them up for long-term career success.

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