+ Artist Statement - Gary Horsfall - Fine Art Photography

Artist Statement


Art, beauty and creativity have always been a significant part of my life and in that, have played themselves out in many ways. In my past I've addressed these critical elements through photography and fine woodworking. Today, after coming full circle I've recommitted myself to photography. This primarily takes the form of black and white images which I find to be the most satisfying and in many ways, the most challenging to produce.

Through my work I seek to capture what I see around me. And, it's a big world and my sight and vision are not subject to exclusive preferences. As an example, I recently visited Mt. Hood in Oregon. Capturing the magnificence of this glacier covered volcanic peak was a clear focus. Yet, as we were hiking up the moraine covered lower slope, it was the season for wildflowers and the usually desolate, rocky and dusty slopes, were covered by a wide variety of small flowering plants and awash in color. As we've all experienced beauty comes in many forms. We each have our own preferences and not all things of beauty are beautiful. My goal is to capture the image and present it so the viewer can draw their own conclusions with respect to whether and how it speaks to them.
I utilize digital equipment, computer based photo processing applications and archival quality inks and papers. I find the process for printing my images to be no less important and satisfying than the original act of capturing it. Being in black and white, my images are at their essence studies in light and shadow, subject and form. Consequently, it's equally important that the image I first saw and recorded with my camera looks the same when finally output as a printed image. I do all of the work myself and as such, take the viewing of my image full circle.