Gary Horsfall’s street photographs provide unique insights into the daily, intimate experiences of people around the world and the rural and urban environments in which they live their lives. His stunning landscapes and highly focused “detail” images break down the man made and natural world into their basics elements contrasting light and dark, highlights and shadow.


Whether walking the hilly neighborhoods of Seattle or traveling across the U.S. and elsewhere around the world, Gary is rarely without at a minimum, his trusty Sony RX1rii so that he is always prepared for whatever might his path. Shooting both digitally and with film, Gary uses his refined capability to envision our technicolor world in shades of black, white and grey to capture his subjects at their genuine essence. Gary’s photographs leave the viewer with an indelible, emotional bond to their principal elements.


Born in 1959, Gary Horsfall is a long-time resident of the Pacific Northwest. During his childhood his family vacationed at Waldo Lake in Oregon’s Cascade Range. This sublime and pristine wilderness area spurred his appreciation for the outdoors on both a micro and macro level. As that appreciation grew and Gary explored the region by backpacking, rafting, kayaking and climbing, his love for photography initially took shape as a way to capture his experiences. After raising a family which included a two-decade diversion into building fine furniture, Gary moved to Seattle and discovered the incredible diversity of life that living in a dense, metropolitan area presents.  Gary’s photography achieved its first notoriety through a touring exhibition that took place in the U.K. in 2015. Since then Gary’s work has continued to gather awards, honorable mentions, exhibitions and publishing credits.





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